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An online mini course that covers everything you need to know about air travel with your kids and car seats.

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Air Travel + Car Seats = A Trip to Stress City

  • Installing car seats on airplanes sounds difficult.
  • You’re overwhelmed thinking about where to begin.
  • A stay-cation is starting to sound like an easier option.

Traveling with kids can be A LOT. We’ll help you develop a solid plan that keeps your child safe and saves your sanity.

Get Cleared for Takeoff

Planning Your Trip

Do you know what questions to ask the airline when booking your flight? Get the ultimate guide on preparing for your trip so you can avoid the stress and plan like a pro.

Airport Game Plan

Arriving at the airport, getting through security check, boarding the plane, and surviving the flight — it’s a process. Learn exactly how to navigate each step with ease.

Arrival Time

Getting from the plane to your final destination can feel like complete chaos. After this course, you’ll gain the tools you need to turn this mayhem into a well-choreographed three-ring circus.

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Our Travel Pros Have Said It Best

Kids and car seats don’t have to wreck your travel plans.
We’ve helped thousands of parents and caretakers get where they’re going without the added anxiety.

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Hey there, I’m Michelle.

As a mom, I know what it’s like to travel with your small children. It’s daunting – not only are you trying to get through security with all of your things and your dignity intact, but you’re also worried about how to keep your kids safe on the flight. Do they ride in their car seats? How do car seats attach to airplane seats? What’s the safest option?

The thing is, traveling with littles feels complicated. And with all of the information out there, it’s hard to sort out what’s important for your specific circumstances. As a Nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety Expert, I’ve helped thousands of families travel confidently.

Whether you want to know how to transport a car seat through the airport or how to install it on the plane, I’ll help you do everything you can to prioritize safety and sanity!

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