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An online course designed to take you from confused to confident during your baby's first year of car seat safety. 

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95% of parents leave the hospital with their newborn baby unsafe in the car seat.

Let's get real: car seats are confusing.

  • You feel like you need an engineering degree to install them.
  • You open the box and are overwhelmed with no idea where to start.
  • You think you’re using the car seat right, but if we’re being honest, you’re really not sure.
  • You anxiously wonder, "Is she comfortable? Can he breathe?"


Car seat overwhelm is normal. We can help you navigate the fine print of car seats and keep your child safe.


Hit the Road With Peace of Mind

Learn Car Seat 101

You know you need to buy a car seat to keep your child safe in the car. But it's more complicated than that. This course removes the mystery of car seat safety so you can travel with peace and confidence from the start.

Install Like an Expert

Most parents think car seats are common sense. In reality, the majority of families are unknowingly putting their child at risk. Make sure you’re getting your infant car seat install right. 

Safely Buckle Your Baby

Harnessing your baby into the car seat can feel like you’re wrestling an octopus and losing. Get a step-by-step harnessing how-to. And when your baby grows, you’ll know exactly what adjustments to make.

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These Mamas Know

Join the thousands of parents and caretakers who are traveling car seat confident.

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Hey there, I’m Michelle.

As a mom, I know what it feels like to strap your tiny baby in the car seat for the first time. Your inner critic pipes up asking: Is he comfortable? Does that look right? Can he breathe? Is this safe?

Car seats are complicated. And with all the information out there, it’s hard to sort out what’s important for your specific circumstances. As a Nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety Expert, I’ve helped thousands of families feel confident about their car seats and keep their children safe.

Whether you want to know if your child is positioned correctly or when to transition to the next stage, this course is designed to help you do everything you can to prioritize safety. From installing your car seat to harnessing your child and making adjustments, we’ll make sure your child is safe in the seat.

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 Building your car seat confidence is your GPS to peace of mind.

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The Basics


Exactly What You Need

  • Video-Based Online Course
  • Downloadable Workbook
  • Top 10 FAQ Starter Pack

The Infant Bundle


Everything You Could Ever Ask For


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Discover What’s Covered

Five on-demand modules designed to build your confidence

How does a car seat protect my child?

✓ Discover what actually happens in a car crash (scary, but important!)

✓ Get the low-down on how seat belts save lives

✓ Learn how cars keep adult-size bodies safe

How long will my child be in a car seat?

✓ Get the full car seat safety roadmap so you know what’s ahead

✓ Discover features unique to infant car seats to get the most out of yours

✓ Understand the importance of rear-facing and the safety move to avoid


How do I install my infant car seat?

✓ Get to know your car seat and your vehicle for the safest connection

✓ Learn how to land on the right vehicle seating position

✓ Understand all the different ways to install an infant car seat

✓ Watch-and-learn installation techniques with step-by-step video demos

✓ Know what installation success means and tricks for getting it right

How do I harness my baby in their car seat?

✓ Get hands-on and learn how to safely position and buckle your baby

✓ Practice your technique as I guide you through a harnessing how-to

✓ Learn about several fit adjustments to customize your infant car seat

✓ Discover what to keep an eye on as your baby grows and what to do when

What do I need to know that I didn’t even think to ask?

✓ Discover critical details that could impact your child’s safety

✓ Get access to videos explaining my most frequently asked questions

✓ Learn about car seat care, aftermarket products, safety on the go, risks and hazards, and my best problem-solving tips and tricks

1. Where can I find additional car seat support?

2. How do I clean my car seat?

3. How can I safely keep my child cool and comfortable in their car seat when it’s hot outside?

4. What should I do if my car seat is in a crash?

5. Do car seats expire?

6. How do I determine my car seat’s expiration date?

7. What is “hot car death” and how can we prevent this from happening?

8. Am I allowed to use products that didn’t come with my car seat?

9. What are projectiles?

10. How will I know if there is a recall or safety warning on my child’s car seat?

1. Where can I find additional car seat support?

2. What do I need to know about traveling on an airplane with my car seat?

3. Can my child wear a bib in their car seat?

4. Are car seat covers safe to use?

5. Why does my child hate their car seat?

6. Why does my child get car sick?

7. How do I clean my car seat?

8. What should I do if my car seat is in a crash?

9. How can I safely keep my child cool and comfortable in their car seat when it’s hot outside?

10. Do car seats expire?

11. How do I determine my car seat’s expiration date?

12. How should I dispose, or get rid of, my car seat?

13. Is it safe for my child to eat in their car seat?

14. Can I hang toys from the infant seat carry handle to entertain my baby in the car?

15. Can I add something to the car seat to support my baby’s head?

16. What is "hot car death" and how can we prevent this from happening?

17. Can I use a mirror in car to keep an eye on my baby?

18. Am I allowed to use products that didn’t come with my car seat?

19. What’s the safest place for my car seat when I’m shopping or dining out?

20. Is it safe for my child to use a pacifier while riding in their car seat?

21. What are projectiles?

22. What should I do if the harness straps are causing red marks on my child's skin?

23. Can my baby sleep in the car seat outside of the car?

24. What’s the best way to store my car seat for future use?

25. Can my car seat be used with a stroller system?

26. How long can my baby be in the car seat at one time?

27. What toys are safe for my child to play with in the car?

28. Is it safe to use a vehicle seat protector under an installed car seat?

29. Can my child wear bulky winter clothing in their car seat?


Learn it now so you can cruise later.


“Michelle’s a pro with a heart of gold who will do anything for her clients. She is up-to-date on all the products on the market and knows how to work with families so they feel empowered, not overwhelmed. Michelle continues to guide me in my car safety efforts now that my kids are older, and I’m so glad parents everywhere will have access to her expertise in her online course.”

- Megan, mom of two, registered dietitian nutritionist, co-founder of Feeding Littles