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An online course + Safe in the Seat's recommended car seat list to help you find the right fit. 

Buy Like a Boss

Entering the car seat buying world is overwhelming, not to mention complicated and stressful! Get help deciphering what car seat is best and safest for your new bundle of joy.

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After your baby has outgrown the infant stage, you’ll be looking for one of these bad boys. Narrow down the HUGE list of convertible car seat options to choose the right one for you.

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Once you reach the height and weight limits of the convertible seat, it’s time for the big leagues. Find the right forward-facing only car seat and boosters to complete your car seat journey. 

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Shopping for car seats can be soul-crushing.

  • There are too many brands and design options and you don’t know where to start.
  • It’s not that you don’t trust your mom-friend’s recommendations… but… maybe a second opinion wouldn’t hurt.
  • You’re annoyed you can’t get a clear answer when you Google “safest car seat”
  • Generic recommended seat lists leave you more confused than when you started the search

In these courses, you’ll master the car seat selection process.

Buy individually (and yes, each kit comes with our stage-specific recommended seat list!)

Be an informed shopper even if you’re a first-time parent. Know what you need to buy to keep your baby safe from their first ride.

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Graduating from the infant seat is a breeze when you know when to transition and which car seat to purchase next.

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Make the last-stop on the car seat journey a stress-free one by confidently choosing what’s right for you and your child.

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The Safe in the Seat Philosophy

As a family, you and your child have a unique set of needs and circumstances. And your child’s car seat should reflect those.

Here at Safe in the Seat, we’re around for the long haul, equipping you to select the seats that are right for your child at each stage.

Once you take this course and learn what to look for in a car seat and how to choose one that’s compatible with your lifestyle, you’ll also be equipped with our recommended list of car seats. Say goodbye to analysis paralysis for good — the overwhelming number of choices out there have nothing on you. You know you’re choosing among only the best car seat products on the market.